10 Top Tips on Making Your Promotional Product Order Stress-Free!

Ordering promotional products for the first time can seem daunting, yet it’s actually a very simple process. These top 10 tips will help you navigate your first order, and eliminate hassle and mistakes.

10 Tips on Making Your Promotional Product Order Stress-Free!

1. Be sure to send your logo in the correct format.

When sending your artwork to a vendor, make sure it is in the right format. Your logo must be in a PDF or EPS file instead of a JPEG.

2. Always get a head start when placing your order!

Plan your orders ahead of time to avoid rush charges and added stress. You want to have plenty of time to make sure your product comes out just right!

3. When choosing your product, carefully consider your target customer. 

Be strategic in your selection of promo items. Who is your company trying to reach? Your products should attract the ideal client for your business.

4. Be sure to include your website and/or contact info. 

Promotional products will not be effective if prospective clients don’t know how to reach you. Be sure to include a phone number or website address.

5. Avoid imprinting too much information on a product.

Try not to bombard your clients with too much information. Too many words on an a product will appear cluttered and hard to read.

6. Have a strategic distribution plan. 

“But where should I distribute my products?” Good question. Try golf tournaments, school events, trade shows, parades, charity walks, etc. Sponsoring an event is another great opportunity for product distribution.

7. Stay away from low-quality products.

Spending a bit more money on higher quality items makes a huge difference for your brand. Invest in products that will last in order to maximize exposure to your business.

8. Pay attention to which products work the best!

Try ordering a few different products and take note of the results! Depending on your brand, some items will attract more attention than others.

9. Be aware of additional charges.

When ordering promotional products, there are additional charges beyond the price of the product. For example, tax, shipping and set-up charges will add to the total cost of your order.

10. Don’t order too few or too many items.

Usually, the higher quantity of a single product you order, the better deal you will get. That being said, don’t order so many products that you won’t be able to give them all away. You can always reorder in the future!


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