5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Tagline

Does your business have a tagline? If not, you should consider creating one! A tagline can bring a little extra personality to your business, boosting familiarity and trust with your clients.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Tagline

  1. Your Brand Might Not Say It All.

There’s only so much information you can include in your brand name. A tagline is a fast and easy way to answer some initial questions people may have about your business. It’ll grab their interest and help them to understand what your business is all about.

  1. Your Mission Statement Should Be Heard!

Does your company have a mission statement? A mission statement can be a very powerful asset in marketing your business, so don’t keep it hidden on the “About Us” page of your website. Instead, make the most of it by turning it into a catchy tagline!

  1. Help Your Business Stand Out!

While a good tagline can be a great asset, a bad tagline can actually hurt you. Make sure your tagline describes something unique to your business. Instead of telling people what you do, focus on why you are successful and what makes you different from the competition.

  1. Leave a Legacy for Your Company!

A catchy tagline will help your business be remembered, today and into the future. Successful taglines stay in the mind of consumers for years down the road. Companies such as McDonalds and GEICO are remembered for their taglines almost as much as they are for their business names.

  1. Help Unify Your Company!

A tagline is a great way to help your employees understand your business, and keep them unified under a single movement. If your employees are ever asked to explain what your company does, they will have your slogan to fall back on.

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