6 Ways to Prepare for California’s Big Earthquake

With all the earthquakes rumbling through the golden state this past month, many Californians have been wondering… Is “the big one” coming?  

6 Ways to Prepare for California’s Big Earthquake

  1. Fasten shelves to your walls – this will prevent your furniture from crashing down.
  2. Avoid hanging pictures or glass fixtures in your bedroom – this will help you stay safe if an earthquake happens in the middle of the night.
  3. Store glass items in lower shelves and drawers – this prevents them from crashing down on top of you in an earthquake.
  4. Keep a pair of flip-flops underneath your bed – in case you have to evacuate your room at night, this will protect your feet from broken glass.
  5. Identify safe places before the earthquake strikes – certain structures, such as sturdy tables, can be used as shelter during an earthquake. It is important to identify these beforehand, so you can think fast when an earthquake hits.
  6. Make sure you have flashlights and batteries ready – earthquakes often cause power outages. Our emergency night light is a great option in case of a black-out. This is also a great branded giveaway to help your employees and clients stay prepared as well.

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