How the Plastic Straw Ban in California Will Affect Your Business

A recent bill approved by California lawmakers proposes a ban on plastic straws – specifically, this legislation would prohibit full-service, dine-in restaurants from offering plastic straws to customers unless specifically requested.

Assuming the bill is signed into law, California will be the first state to enforce restrictions on plastic straw usage. Many environmentalists expect other states and nations to follow suit in the near future.

This new legislation is actually a great opportunity for restaurants to invest in branded, reusable straws. Not only will this ensure your business is compliant, it furthers your brand exposure!

There are several options when it comes to branded straws. For instance, our candy stripe straw is super fun and very affordable.

If your business is not a restaurant, investing in branded tumblers with plastic straws will help your clients enjoy their beverages without having to ask for plastic straws.

Compact “Carry-On” Perfect for Budget-Conscious Travelers

If you’re flying on a budget, you may not be allowed to bring a full-sized carry-on item on board, depending on the ticket you purchase. In many cases, economy travelers are only permitted one personal item on board, and any other carry-on bags must be checked.

Efficient packing is key to avoiding baggage check fees.

The High Sierra Underseat Luggage turns your carry-on item into a personal item. It is specifically designed to fit perfectly under an airplane seat!

Even though it’s small, this piece of luggage has a surprisingly roomy interior, with plenty of space to fit your belongings. It includes a front pocket organizer, top quick access pocket, interior mesh pocket and a side water bottle pocket. It also features a multi stage trolley handle and back side trolley strap, for convenient carrying! (This would be perfect for a branded higher-end client gift.)

Want to be an even more space-efficient? Packing cubes enable you to travel lighter and pack smarter, keeping your belongings organized and compact!


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8 Mistakes People Make When Ordering Promotional Products

Promotional products are one of the most successful forms of marketing for companies of all sizes and specialties. Whether you are ordering branded items for a large corporation or a small business, here are some common mistakes to avoid…

8 Mistakes People Make When Ordering Promotional Products

1. Sending the wrong artwork…

When sending your artwork to a vendor, be sure it is in the right format. Stay away from JPEGs. Keep them in PDF and EPS files instead.

2. Placing your order too late…

Plan your events ahead of time to avoid rush charges and added stress. You want to have plenty of time to make sure your order comes out just right!

3. Ordering the wrong products for your audience…

Be strategic in your selection of promo items. Who is your company trying to reach? Make sure the products you order will grab the interest of your audience, so that they get maximum exposure to your company!

4. Not imprinting contact info or website…

Promotional products will not be affective if prospective clients don’t know how to reach you. Be sure to include a phone number or website address.

5. Imprinting too much info…

Try not to bombard your clients with too much information. While it is important to leave an impression for your business, too much info imprinted on an item will become cluttered and hard to read.

6. Not having a distribution plan…

“But where should I distribute my products?” Good question. Try golf tournaments, school events, trade shows, parades, charity walks, etc. Even better if you can sponsor an event!

7. Buying low quality items…

Spend a bit more money to order useful items that people will keep, not on cheesy products that they will toss. You don’t want your brand to be associated with an item that fell apart, or no one wanted.

8. Not tracking revenue from promo products…

Measure your ROI for promo items and compare to other forms of advertising. If certain products work well for you, make sure you reorder!

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Learn How the Game of Golf Can Change Your Life… Even if You’ve Never Picked up a Club!

Download a Free Sample of Robin Richter’s Amazon #1 Best-Selling Book, “The Golf Course Millionaire: How to Turn Relationships into Big Business through Golf.”