Make Sure You Do This Before Selling Your iPhone!

Ready to upgrade your smart phone? No matter what kind of phone you have, you will be faced with the dilemma of what to do with your old device…

Whether you plan on selling or recycling your old phone, it is important to erase all the information off your phone before getting rid of it. Someone who has access to your phone has access to your messages, email, apps, photos, and much more. Handing over this information puts you at tremendous risk for identity theft.

To wipe all information off of your iPhone, go to settings, general, reset and choose erase all content. If you can’t access the phone because of a broken screen, plug it into your computer. If your phone can power on and it automatically accesses your Wi-Fi, use your computer to log onto Sign in, locate your phone and choose the “erase the phone” option.

Even if your screen is broken and your phone won’t turn on, your information is not secured. That’s why you should never give your phone to anyone without wiping it first.

Speaking of technological security, private eyes are a popular option to protect your smart phone or laptop camera from being hacked.

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