Promotional Products Hack: How to Save Thousands by Ordering Overseas

Trying to save money on your promotional products? One way to significantly reduce the cost of your order is to let us ship your products from overseas!

The only catch is this: overseas shipping means it will take longer for your order to arrive. Obviously, for rush orders, overseas shipping is not a realistic option. However, when you know far in advance that you will need promotional products in the future, overseas shipping can be a lifesaver!

Example: Let’s say you order 500 embroidered hats 4 times throughout the year, totaling 2,000 hats.

If you order the hats domestically each hat will cost approximately $5, totaling $10,000.

But, if we create custom hats for you overseas, each hat will cost approximately $3, for a total of $6,000.

In this example, the total savings would be approximately $4,000!

Plus, by letting us create your order overseas, your hats can be completely customized, with all the bells and whistles.

If you choose to order the hats all at once, we can also store them for you, and ship them to you as needed. This way you still get the low price from ordering overseas, without the hassle of having to store a large quantity of hats in one location.

Contact us for a free consultation on we can help you save big by creating your custom order overseas.

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