Top 5 Branded Products to Pamper Your Brides

Wedding planning is lots of fun, but it can all feel overwhelming at times! When it comes to calming an anxious bride’s nerves, sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most…

Top 5 Products to Pamper Your Brides While Keeping Your Brand Front and Center

Bottled Water

It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated, especially in the busy days leading up to the wedding. Keep plenty of branded water bottles around to make sure your bride stays hydrated and healthy!


Slippers are a super fun and comfy giveaway for your brides. Why not hand out a pair of custom designed slippers to the bride as she tries on her dress for the first time, like our client Lovella Bridal did? They’re also perfect for bachelorette weekends and getting ready on the big day!

Sewing Kit

Busy brides have no time for wardrobe emergencies. This cute little branded sewing kit has all the tools needed for any last-minute repairs and finishing touches.


Make sure your bride is never caught off guard on camera. This little mirror is perfect to slip into her purse, so she can easily check her make-up, anytime and anywhere!

Custom Branded Accessories Box

Your brides will love this custom gift box! Even after the wedding is over, this sturdy, personalized box is a fun place to keep jewelry and make-up. It also contains a magnetic closure and is available in three different sizes.

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